Guided Tours

Frequently Asked Questions

About Tours

What Tours are available?

Choose from the: The Garden Tour The Round Tower Centre Tour The Village Tour The Industrial Tour

Is Booking essential?

Pre-Booking is essential to experience a personal Guide comfortable tour

In what Languages are Tours available?

Pre-Booked Tours are available in English, Irish, French, Italian, Germany and Spanish

What times do Tours take place?

Our Trained and Certified Volunteer Guides are rostered daily 7 days a week from 10:30 to 16:00.

What is the limit on the number of people in a Group?

A group can be 2 upwards. The guideline used is 12 people to one Guide and one Sweeper. Groups of more than 12 can be accommodated with prior notice, (needed to organise the relevant number of Guides / Sweeper.

The Round Tower Centre Tour

A exhibition telling the History of The Monastic Settlement which was founded in the 7th Century. The Round Tower was built around 790AD. The exhibition is houesed in the "Mill" houses used by the employees of the Clondalkin Paper Mills.

What is the duration of a Tour?

Tour times may vary but on average a Tour will take 1.5 hours. Tours usually start at 10:30 (finish 12:00) and 14:30 (finish 16:00)

Is the Round Tower Centre Wheelchair Accessible?

Yes - the Round Tower Centre is fully Wheelchair Accessible

About Guides

Are Tour Guides trained?

Our Tours are lead by Trained and Certified Volunteer Guides.